Dec 8, 2013

I found an iPod touch listed on eBay, and the description said the seller had found it on an airplane while at work. He (I'm assuming it a he) said he tried to reset it but that it had Find My iPhone turned on and was locked. He couldn't figure out how to circumvent this, so was offering it as is.

Me: If it has find my iPhone turned on you should plug it in and let them find it. This is stolen property.

Seller: This isn't stolen property it was found on a plane number 1 number 2 if your not interested in buying it stay the f#!% out of my message box. Have a great weekend

Me: If you found it at work and did not turn it in, it could be considered stolen property. I've lost an iPhone and someone took it. It sucks. Why not just turn it in, or let them find it and return it? You'll feel better about yourself.

Seller: It's crazy that I don't know you, cursed at you and yet still you come at me with respect I apologize and I turned it in today when I went to work. Took the listing down as well

Me: Glad to hear it. Cheers

Seller: And thanks again for being a good individual and messaging me

Now, I don't know if this person actually turned in the iPod, but they did take the listing down. And if nothing else, at least the exchange ended on a positive note. Just trying to make the world better, one eBay seller at a time.

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